Everyone knows that Bitcoin, as the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency, has a host of different instances where it can be used to buy real-world goods. Even Ethereum is easily being picked up by merchants nowadays.

However, as the altcoin interest grows, there are more and more specific coins that are being adopted by merchants in order to suit their digital currency wants and needs. From Dogecoin to KickCoin, these more obscure coins are becoming useful tools for every day buying.

Privacy coins

One of the big advantages of digital currency is the fact that they are anonymous and the transactions undertaken with them are hidden and untraceable. However, some coins are much more secretive than others.

For this reason, many adult services, such as pornography and sex toys, have turned to some of the more private coins to do business with.

Monero, one of the leading coins when it comes to privacy, is accepted at an online Australian sex store called toys4sex.com. The idea being of course that there is no paper trail, or no embarrassing credit card statements at the end of the month.

Another big announcement was made recently where another privacy coin, Verge, joined forces with one of the world’s biggest porn sites, PornHub. The partnership allows for PornHub user to buy a premium account with the site using the Verge currency.

Again, this is in order for PornHub to move with the digital times, but it also shows that they are looking towards specific coins that are not simply Bitcoin and Ethereum that offer what they need in their niche.

A whole host of coins

Just to show how vast and varied the adoption of digital coins is, one of them, that makes a joke of itself, is widely accepted in a host of different stores and locations.

DogeCoin, which started as a joke, has spread around a number of different stores and locations, being accepted on a number of markets, at food and drink locations, hosting sites, and goods.
Dogecoin can, quite sweetly, be used for a few pet stores as well, including the Diamond Collar, which sells bespoke pet accessories.

KickCoin is another coin that has now ventured into a real-world usage scenario as the cryptocurrency is accepted at online E-commerce, Flogmall. As the integration begins with Flog Mall, the word from the KICKICO team is that there have been several orders going through already with people receiving their items in good time, and in good working order

Developing cryptomarket

The marketplace for cryptocurrencies is developing, and having always been touted as an alternative for cash, it is pleasing to see that some of the smaller coins are starting to be accepted and picked up on when it comes to merchant acceptance.

There is still a long way to go mass adoption to come full circle, but with pioneering merchants and cons as mentioned above, a lot of the kinks and issues can start to be ironed out, paving a way for a future where crypto is the norm for online purchases.

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