Former CEO of the smoldering ashes that was once GAW miners has been sentenced to 21 months prison time for defrauding customer out of nearly $10 million dollars.

21 months? Really? That's it?

I mean it's about fucking time but seriously, the sentence seems a bit light to those of us who contributed to that $10 million with a zero to less-than-zero percent chance of ever seeing those funds back.

This guy will likely walk out of jail in about a year and a half with whatever assets he managed to hide in tact (minus some hearty fines) and go on about his business like it was never a thing.

What's worse, is that having "done the time" for these crimes, he'll likely try to weasel his way back into the good graces of the court of opinion in the industry or worse, assume a different identity under another organization.

Mind boggling to say the least, but nearly 2 years in prison is no picnic either, so there is that.

It's probable that we haven't heard the last from this guy.

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