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Editorial Guidelines:

Open-platform: is an open platform, you my write abut anything you wish to write about so long as it is relevant to the blockchain and virtual currency industry. 


Write about a blockchain, digital currency, ICO or theme that is actionable for the virtual currency and blockchain technology industry. Include references to claims, statements, or fact stated. Articles submitted without well referenced material my be labeled as an "Opinion" piece.


Articles should be well written and contain high-quality news, opinion, and/or analysis.


If you are writing about well-covered issues, bring a new perspective that others may have missed. Auto-generated articles will not be accepted. Copied articles will not be accepted. Copyright material will not be accepted. 

Compelling title: 

Article title should reflect the content of the article and tell readers why they must read the article. Misleading titles will not be accepted.


All submissions must be proofread already, and be free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

No promotional content: 

We do not allow promotional content within articles. However links to your website, company, or brand are allowed when they are relevant to the material in the article.

Personal Attacks:

Do not submit material directly attacking another individual or company unless relevant (ex: Mt Gox), the article will not be accepted. It is allowed to express professional constructive criticism relevant to the industry and article, but smear campaigns or defamation of character will not be accepted.


These are your words and your article. Feel free. We don't care.


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