The CoinDesk 2015 Consensus is underway, officially beginning today (September 10th). I ran through my checklist of readiness since we decided to send one of us (yours truly) up to New York for the event.
  1. Plane Ticket 
  2. Hotel 
  3. Interview List 
  4. Laptop 
  5. Luggage 
  6. Press Pass  

I submitted for my press pass last week, but was met with an odd email response that essentially equated to a press pass not being available. Although I both provided and requested clarification, short of a miracle and a Fighter Jet capable of Mach 2, I likely not be covering this event as previously planned. 

I submitted for the pass late, and that is the most likely scenario for the lack of available an press pass, but it was surprising enough to motivate me to take a quick look into the matter.

What's a Press Pass?

Like most events, from concerts to public speeches to software conferences, a press pass is required for any journalist or new media outlet to attend if they want to be able to access certain areas and have a chance to ask questions or interview anyone of interest. This is for allot of reasons, but with an event like this, time is short and it all has to be planned. 

I have no issues with it and have had to acquire one many times. Typically everyone that attends an event has a pass of some sort, attendees, sponsors, presenters, speakers, etc.. all have a pass of some sort. This allows the planners to identify who is where and for what and security to enforce the plan and each individuals access.

No pass. No access.

So That's My Excuse, What About The Rest Of The Planet?

After I sent my clarification, and just before I was about to just call it a wash, I decided to see if anyone I knew was actually attending. 

What I found was a little unusual. 

If you review the list of attendees, you'll note several reporters, journalists, and other representatives of various organizations. However, almost nobody from Industry outlets (meaning media outlets dedicated to digital currency and the blockchain). There's a whopping 1.5 people going from CoinTelegraph, and 1 whole person going from BTC Media (Bitcoin Magazine), and that's it (the other one or two are seemingly media, but are not really). 

In addition to that strange finding, it appears as if only 1/2 of the 2 1/2 are actually going to be there to report anything. That would be a Journalist from Motherboard, who also writes for CoinTelegraph.

Can This Be Accurate?

This would mean that out of all of the media/news outlets dedicated to digital currency and blockchain technology (and there are an abundance of them globally), not a single other person on the planet other than these two and a half decided to go or were able to attend? 

Whereas I can certainly see where I submitted for my pass late, and there was a bit of miscommunication between myself and the organizer, I cannot speak for the rest of the planet.

According to the attendance list, either nobody else on earth from Industry media cares, or nobody else was allowed in the door for various reasons. 

I am not making accusations here, I hold CoinDesk in high regards. I am merely pointing that out of all of the news outlets on the planet that are dedicated to digital currency and the blockchain, there are only 3 people going and I find that unusual enough to mention. 


Many of the "news" sites are not really news outlets, they do not have writers writing material, they simply aggregate news from multiple sources. I tend to enjoy these at times, and they serve a purpose.

These outlets, however, would not be the type of organization that would be attending the event.

It's the other significant group of people that I would have expected to be there, but are not there, that seems a bit strange. This is especially so when there are plenty of other non-related outlets in attendance.

Perhaps it's nothing and the expectation of the event drawing substantial industry media was misguided.

In any case, we wish CoinDesk the best of luck with their event.
If you are interested in learning more about the event and what happens, the only place you will be able to get any of that news will be at CoinDesk, since they are pretty much the only digital currency related news outlet available to actually report anything. We may see a blurb on CoinTelegraph as well.

One thing we will not see, is anything about it here, because just like 90% of the industry outlets ... we are not there. 

Article by dinbits
Published 9/10/2015 9:55 AM PST
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CoinDesk and Consensus logo Source: CoinDesk

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