As I have noted before, scammers are at least putting in an effort to perpetrate their schemes these days. The websites are getting better and more professional looking, and they are getting more convincing.

Fortunately, it's still the same idiots behind the scenes. is no exception.

On the surface, the website looks promising, with nice graphics, and testimonials of a solid history of happy customers.

That's it. Go any further, and you'll kiss some hard earned coin goodbye. is a Ponzi, "Nonzi", or an outright Ponzi-Garza, and is most certainly a scam.

Despite the decent website, all the classic "tells" are present.

1. No actual company.
2. No contact information other than a web form
3. No physical location
4. Impossible claims of glory
5. Overly attempting to convince you that they are not a scam

Mathematicians They Are Not

Two things that really stick out are first, they offer a FREE TRIAL! 

A free trial that this ultra technical cloud mining establishment (that is so great it defy's the mathematics of what is required to actually turn a profit) actually requires a Windows client to be downloaded and installed (subsequently releasing a swarm of viruses right onto your hard-drive).

However, the one impressive thing about MineProfit is that they apparently have time machine. They were able to jaunt into the future and pluck a customer from the line to write a nice testimonial for them.

They have this here testimonial recorded:

Twenty glorious days and 20 withdraws without having to request them.

First of all, the "plans" state all of the withdraws are manual. That's a bit of a contradiction lending itself to scrutiny right there.

The more interesting thing about this "trustworthy" testimonial, is that this customer has had 20 days of his account being open since the website service is only 6 days old.
Title: MineProfit - Bitcoin Cloud Mining
Description: Creative Resume Template
Type: bitcoin
Domain Age: 6 Days
Website Speed: Very Fast
Organisation: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Owner Address: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Owner City: PANAMA
P Address: United States
Hosting Service: Namecheap
Hosting City: Los Angeles
Hosting Region: CA
Hosting Postal: 90064
Domain Created: 2015-09-05 00:00:00
Domain Expires: 2016-09-05 00:00:00
Domain Life: 366
Speed: Very Fast (383ms)

Registered on September 5th. 

My recommendation? Avoid these clowns.

Article by dinbits
Art by dinbits news 
Photo by Johnny Clow
Published on 9/10/2015 at 11:56 AM PST

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  1. Another obvious sign of a scam is all the bizarre grammatical errors contained in every single testimonial. The random capitalizations make it even more obvious... LOL

  2. Also doesn't help that every single one of the testimonial pictures are profile pictures from elsewhere.
    I'd wonder how Guilherme Tuacek (Mike Baroni), Pepijn Rietveld (Hasa Microvic), Reinaldo C├ęsar Zanardi (Kevin van Baarn), Jonathan Goetvinck (Thomas Duborg) and Anette von Kapri (Rachelle Parloui) feel about them fraudulently using their profile images in fake testimonials.

    Perhaps the best part is when you google the name "MineProfit", the top results don't even include this site - but it does include "NutrilonExport(dot com)". Nutrilon is a brand of milk powder for infants. The Chinese have been interested in buying this at a premium, and 'entrepreneurs' have taken to buying all of the stock at supermarkets for the sole purpose of selling to the Chinese, to the point where stores have enacted a maximum number of product per customer so that people with actual infants won't just stare at empty racks. About as legitimate a business as the run-of-the-mill cloud mining platform they're pretending to be.

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