Mt. Gox former CEO Mark Karpeles was officially charged with embezzlement on Friday (9/11/2015), which was the natural progression of the way things work in the Japanese legal system. 

This comes as no surprise given he was arrested for this a couple weeks ago, and it was the second time, most likely just to keep him behind bars while police finished their investigation.

What this does do is possibly allow him to get out of jail. Which he was going to be able to do soon anyway as Japanese police were out of fresh reasons to arrest the man. It will be more than interesting to see what this man has to say when he is free, we'll certainly send for comment.

You can read more about last months arrest here, and unfortunately all of these long drawn out steps are necessary for the ultimate sentencing, after a being found guilty, that will eventually come to fruition.

It is still mildly entertaining that this self-proclaimed smart person (Karpeles) could be so ignorant to not only prove how untrustworthy he is, but to also do it so sloppily to get caught.

Not so smart, Mr. smart person.

New source: Reuters
Image by dinbits news
Photo by Reuters/Yuya Shino
Published 9/12/2015 7:24 PST

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