Don't look now, but Bitcoin continues a slow and steady rise. 

Bitcoin recently hit 300 for the first time in several months to enthusiasts delight worldwide, but the historically volatile virtual currency has done something out of character recently. It's still going up. 

It's held over 300 for several days now hitting as high as $338 (dinbits BPI) and shows few signs of slowing down as exchange volumes show an increase in activity.

Currently sitting around $322 (at press time), it shines over $100 above prices just a short time ago this year. With speculation ranging from government activity to new product releases, to the "nobody knows" in regards to the reason for the recent increase in price per bitcoin, we can surely expect force-feeding of another "bitcoin will soon die" article from some critic somewhere.

Bitstamp Last 30 Days (

Perhaps not as many as those before them, however, because it's getting more and more difficult to keep telling folks that it's dead when it continues to exist and not only will it not go away, it continues to rise.

We all enjoy life's little moments when we can and for the most part 2015 has not been a wealth of reasons to smile when it comes to bitcoin or digital currency in general.

October 2015 has changed this and at least for now this is one little moment we can continue to enjoy.

Story by dinbits
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