Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking: "That's a Cointelegraph picture! WTF?".

It's simple, responsibility. This is a must read article.  

Published by Cointelegraph and written by William Suberg, the article covers five of the top scams (and/or terrible investments) of 2015 and what to avoid. We highly recommend giving it a read.

Not to mention it's just a really cool picture like all of Cointelegraph's original work is. We have a respect and understanding for the additional time is takes to have a staff artist come up with original and unique artwork for articles instead of using stock images.

I'll leave it at that.

Article by dinbits 
Main article by Cointelegraph written by William Suberg
Banner Image by dinbits staff and featuring image by Cointelegraph

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  1. A captivating article indeed! Kudos to Cointelegraph for shedding light on the top scams and pitfalls in the crypto space back in 2015. The commitment to providing valuable insights and the unique artwork truly sets Cointelegraph apart. Responsible reporting is crucial, and this article serves as a valuable guide for avoiding pitfalls in the crypto landscape. As advocates for informed decision-making in the crypto sphere, we appreciate the effort that goes into producing original and thought-provoking content.


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