UPDATE: New information updated on 1/15/2016. Romit confirms the removal of service.

The wallet and remittance provider Romit has notified wallet account holders that all of its bitcoin related services will be discontinued on February 15th, 2016 and that everyone should withdraw their bitcoins immediately.

By way of email notification, this notice was sent out on January 15th giving everyone who has a wallet with Romit 30 days to remove their bitcoins.

Phishing? Fake? Malicious?

Negative on all three. This is the real deal. At first glance, the email seems suspicious, however the link does indeed redirect to Romit and the company has used mass marketing services in the past.

The domain being used is cmail20.com, also affiliated with cmail2.com of which Romit has used in the past and is owned by Campaign Monitor Pty Ltd. CMP is in the business of doing specifically this type of marketing so this could indeed be the real thing.

This prompted us to reach out to Romit for more information and they confirmed that Romit is ending all Bitcoin related services in 30 days.

"Hello!  We are discontinuing bitcoin services from our product offering.  Please withdraw your bitcoin immediately by logging into your wallet..." -Romit

Here's the full context of that email:

Warp Speed Wallet Drain

Experiencing high traffic volume? Ya think?

This news coming a day after Cryptsy announce a death-blow of "lost" coins that followed a day Cryptsy was the target of a class-action suit. I don't think they'll have to ask twice and I wouldn't expect a single coin left there by tomorrow.

This is what led to the initial suspicion that the email may have lacked authenticity.

However, this is now confirmed and Romit who is really Robocoin in disguise, has had countless financial problems. Customers of the Robocoin ATM have suffered late deliveries and in some cases no deliveries at all which has resulted in lawsuits that may have taken their toll. Its rather possible this could be the beginning of the end for Romit/Robocoin.

We'll be contacting them again and will report additional information as it becomes available, in the meantime you might just want to go grab anything you have in that wallet and put it somewhere safe.

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