Both Actor Bob Denver, best known for his role as Gilligan in the 1960s TV show "Gilligan's Island" and Bitcoin, best known for bitcoin, were both pronounced dead yesterday.

Only one of those facts is true and both are misleading. Gilligan died 10 years ago and for the third time (this also happened in 2013) Bob Denver's death was announced on January 16th as a hoax. He actually passed in September 2005. Apparently Gilligan is still making people laugh.

What is less humorous is that bitcoin was also pronounced dead ... for the 89th time. Yet for the 89th time, Bitcoin has not died. 

Burning Bridges

It was however, mildly roughed up by a rogue and apparently butt-hurt developer named Mike Hearn who took the entire world around him, all of his peers, his reputation, and any respect he had earned in the industry and burned it to the ground.

Burning your bridges wouldn't remotely be adequate in comparison to this individuals actions.

Also be cognizant of the fact that before his blatant market manipulation where he deliberately tried to damage the value of bitcoin, he waited until after he himself cashed out and sold all of his own stash. He didn't want to hurt that pile, just everyone else's.

We have nothing against BitcoinXT and have featured it in several articles on, even running a full test of the software to ease public panic. This is only concerning Mike Hearn and the manner in which he handled his exit.

He's fortunate that he does not reside in the United States since this would be considered most definite market manipulation which is illegal and the CFTC would likely want to have a chat.

Mike Hearn's actions were in very poor taste. 

Story by dinbits

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