Romit has changed their tune a bit in regards to discontinuance of all of their bitcoin related services. They are now stating that all ATM service will continue after all. Sort of.

However not with the Romit wallet which they had everyone move to from the Robocoin wallet and that is no longer anything or might be the Romit wallet in disguise. 

There's a new wallet in town.. oh wait, no there isn't

Maybe the Robocoin wallet, which is now Romit wallet, is going to be the going away wallet and another wallet is planning to surface or the services of a 3rd party wallet could sweep in and rescue the wallet impaired. 

Point is the ATM is going to keep working!! You can still use it!!

Just not the RoboCoin ATM because its not the Robocoin ATM anymore and it never morphed into the Romit ATM instead its now called the CoinVault ATM ... but there is no CoinVault wallet just a Romit wallet which may or may not be the RoboCoin wallet.  Either way you cannot use that one.

There's really no CoinVault ATM either because CoinVault is a company and finally it's clear. It is officially the CoinVault Robocoin ATM or CoinVault ATM for short? Sound right?

I'm starting to understand why half is their web material is broken. Well, they had this nice email to send anyway:

As a valued CoinVault ATM user, you received a notice from Romit (formerly Robocoin) regarding withdrawing all of your bitcoin from your Romit wallet.  First, the CoinVault ATM service will continue to function as normal and allow you to buy and sell bitcoin. We will only support the Romit wallet at CoinVault ATMs through February 14th, 2016. After that date, we will continue to support buy and sell bitcoin transactions at the ATM, but will no longer support the Romit wallet. We are in the process of updating our ATM user interface to remove the Romit integration and our new user interface will start to roll out to all CoinVault ATMs in the coming weeks.

Followed by another lengthy explanation on how to GET YOUR COINS THE HELL OFF of there system NOW. 

To be brutally honest, I never knew I was a CoinVault ATM user until today much less a valued one. That's because I wasn't. CoinVault was equally as shocked about Romit I would bet and they've been "chatting". The above is the result of said chat. (just a guess of course)

Now CoinVault is rather interesting. From their front page:

CoinVault ATM's are popping up ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!

However a small skip over to the "locations" page to "search" for an ATM "near" you will reveal the onslaught of machines taking over the land. I dared to run the search wide open.

Location List
Find a CoinVault ATM near you.

There's two.

Wait a minute! This must be the TWO machines that Romit/Robocoin actually did deliver!

In any case, am I the only one who thinks this rush to get every trace of bitcoin off of their system is just a bit strange? They have sent out three emails, and a text message over the course of a couple days. All of this with little explanation, even when asked for one.

Something just doesn't add up here. 

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