Once again the website Cryptsy is down for supposed "System Maintenance".

The multi-coin exchange owned and operated by Florida based Project Investors, Inc. has been plagued with increasingly poor performance issues, odd statements, and a crippling sequence of events that resulted in legal action.

Things may have finally taken their toll.

Cryptsy Status - March 31st 20016

Earlier this month CEO Paul Vernon made a bizarre statement claiming the 5 million in bitcoin that went "missing" would soon be [recovered] by a hacker who had a change of heart after allegedly stealing the bitcoins almost two years ago.

This coming after an ongoing timeline of events that have gotten stranger which each occurrence and ultimately may have to be sorted out in court as a result of a class action lawsuit filed in January.

What is peculiar about this particular outage is that the maintenance screen is not the normal yellow box on the website that usually displays these messages.

The entire site is gone and only the text in the image above is displayed.

Article by Alba Gei
Banner Image by dinbits staff  
Cryptsy Image screenshot from Cryptsy.com

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