Updated: (April 2nd, 2016) to include position requirements.

Disney is jumping on the block chain bandwagon and hiring to help them do so.

They have an open position in Seattle Washington to work on a private block chain. The opening desires a "[Disney] Private Blockchain Intern" to help their business users and development team build something blockchain-ish to protect "privacy".

Privacy of what? Where Mickey Mouse lives? What the next Star Wars plot is going to be? Who really killed Roger Rabbit?

Who knows.

The software is to be developed within their DTSS (Disney Technology Solutions and Services business unit) group and state that they are looking for a Computer or Electrical Engineer who is ready to work on an application(s) focused on security and basically assisting in that entire process from architecture to compliance of a block chain based system that will govern Access Control. Access control being the tracking and authority of who has access to what objects.

The project is about designing and implementing an access control using an open ledger and blockchain framework for Disney Corporate, ABC, ESPN, Disney Interactive, and Walt Disney Productions.

Disney is keeping this low key and that might be for a good reason. Everybody and their sisters dog is talking about united 4600 banks and companies to build super-chains to rule the earth that only they can control in private.

Some are even talking about making their own money. Again, that only they control. Yeah, sign me up for that one and can I get that as a Christmas bonus? There's a few people I dislike and that'd be a perfect re-gift.

Disney says their DTSS team will "research and develop software mechanisms to protect privacy in distributed ledger participation." This means it might actually be a blockchain and not an oxy-moronic "permissioned system" that some have been shoveling lately. The "intern" position sounds more like a requirement for an experience technical computer scientist than anything that would be considered intern-ish.

Basic Qualifications
  • Use and understanding of Cryptographic programming (use of libraries)
  • Mathematics
  • Python programming
  • C or Java programming
  • Network programming experience (any language)
  • Open source contribution(s)
  • Git repository experience as a developer (not admin)
  • Linux/UNIX experience
  • Work on independent or self-driven projects (esp. in technology)
  • Excited about new technology/software
  • Ability to work in teams and willingness to learn new things
Preferred Qualifications
  • Project work on distributed ledgers
  • Crypto-currency or Bitcoin knowledge
  • Familiarity with homomorphic encryption
  • Familiarity with security proofs

If Disney has been anything over the years, its been cutting edge. They even have their another entire company setup specifically for developing new technology, Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development, Inc., who's efforts have led to over 115 US patents.

Pair that with their 90 Billion in assets and they might just be able to whip something useful up.

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