Mt Gox continues to invent new ways to piss people off and not pay up. The latter being noted only due to the fact that there is no money back in any user pockets.

The long and short of it is this. They have some wallet addresses they were going to release to aide in the investigation or the root cause of the bankruptcy. Now they are not.

...the trustee has come to believe that the potential negative effect resulting from the release of the addresses would be much more detrimental compared to the degree of benefits that can be gained thereby, and, therefore, has concluded that we suspend the release. 
Root cause? What do they need? A pop-up book? I'll tell you the root cause, Mark Karpeles.

What Does This Mean

For Joe Average waiting on his life savings to be released from the grip of the dead exchange, nothing. It means they won't be able to prove what they can already prove and to protect you from any further ass pain, they're not going to do anything which is pretty much synonymous with the entire post-bankruptcy operation anyway so its only true purpose may be something else to complain about.

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