Gemini added Ether to its exchange trading platform and in doing so they became the first regulated exchange in the United States to do so. 

This did little to nothing for Ether's price nor did many really care or even notice. However, this is big. This is epic. This is significant beyond what appears on the surface.


This marks the first time the Winklevoss twins were actually the first to market with something!!

Well, sort of, they claim they did Facebook first and even if that is true, it wouldn't have been first since only Facebook can be Facebook and there were other social media sites before that. 

They tried to become the first regulated bitcoin exchange and well ... that didn't work either. There were arguably a few, but Coinbase made lots of noise when they opened their doors and made sure if they weren't the first, they were certainly before Gemini.

They also did not win gold at the Olympics when competing on the USA rowing team (yes it's an Olympic sport) in 2008.

Well folks, the losing streak is over! Gemini becomes the FIRST UNITED STATES REGULATED DIGITAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE TRADING ETHER!!

Impressed? Never mind, no need to answer that, but it's good to see this accomplished 1st. It really doesn't matter, Gemini is cool enough and doesn't need a stake in the ground anywhere but credit where credit is due, they are the 1st here.

Report by dinbits
Image by staff

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