In an unexpected move, PayPal halts service in Turkey stating regulatory issues. The announcement was posted on the local website (Turkish PayPal site) Monday and stated:

Important Information for Customers in Turkey
We report with regret that we stopped our activities in Turkey as PayPal.
Customers in Turkey since June 6, 2016, to be effective sending and receiving money via a PayPal account will not do the. Customers can log in to your PayPal account balance in the account, and if they can transfer to a bank account in Turkey.
We want to indicate that PayPal's priority has always been customers. We did however local regulatory agencies rejection of license applications and we have to apply the relevant institutions in accordance with the instruction to stop our activities in Turkey, we regret because of this decision.
Our customers the information page of this process by visiting can get detailed information on how they will affect you. So far all of our customers as we would like to convey our thanks to PayPal to us that they prefer. Our employees at PayPal and support you have given Turkey has always been important to our company.
Our efforts in obtaining the necessary permissions to provide services to our customers again in the future, Turkey will continue.

Welcome to PayPal Turkey and consider this a blessing. You'd be headed for all of the ridiculous things PayPal does that has earned them the top spot as one of the most hated companies on earth and the subject of the phrase: PayPal is the DEVIL!

This does leave way for another method...more bitcoin. One Turkey is already fond of bitcoin, it had the highest acceptance rate of any other country. This may solidify that further.

With bitcoin already on the rise, this can only be another factor soon to support the rising price and an overall good thing in general as another country can finally rid themselves of PayPal.

At press time 1 bitcoin is equal to 1604.75 Turkish Lira.

Report by dinbits
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