Open Bazaar version  1.1.6 is now available from the development team. The new version has a long list of changes and is available now (see downloads for links).

Significant changes include:

  • if a partial payment is made, it is now shown in the payment screen, and the amount still pending for that transaction is shown. The QR code and other data will update to the new pending amount.
  • the client now has a top bar with the app title, current view, and OS-native controls, none of which are ever covered by modals or overlays.
  • the close/minimize/maximize controls can be set to Windows or Mac style in settings/advanced.
  • when messages are added in the discussion tab of a transaction, a message notification is shown.
  • an autocomplete system has been added to the top address bar.
  • when a transaction hasn't been fully funded, the shipping/file tab isn't shown in the transaction modal.
  • unfunded transactions are hidden by default, they can be unhidden by clicking a button.
  • the Discover and User views have a back to top button.
  • the Discover view is cached, and no longer changes if you navigate away from it and back before the cache expires.
  • the Settings view is cached.
  • shipping information is not displayed in the transaction modal for digital and service transactions.
  • country names and currencies are now translatable.
  • there is an option to send a debug email from the system tray that collects system info and sends it to OpenBazaar.
  • the delete button on the listings in the store tab of the user's own user view now have a confirm step to prevent accidental deleting.
  • the refund button in the transaction modal now has a confirm step to prevent accidental refunds.
  • the client will now check for available updates once every hour.
  • you can test your SMTP buttons from settings/advanced.
  • the base HTML structure has been overhauled, to make positioning of major areas of the application more consistent.
  • anchor links are no longer draggable.
  • the server connect modal has been translated and responds to changing the language used in the client.
  • multiple numbers and text elements that were not yet internationalized have been internationalized.
  • the transactions tabs have spinners that are shown while the transactions are loading, and a message if no transactions were found for that tab.
  • full es-lint rules have been set, and pre-commit hooks should fire es-lint correctly with every commit now.
  • when the libbitcoin server is offline, a warning is shown in the status bar at the bottom of the page.
  • auto-updates use https.

You can find everything you need to upgrade on our OpenBazaar tutorial page (follow the appropriate links at the top of the page) and the tutorial will also walk you through installation if you are new to OpenBazaar and need some guidance.

For additional information visit the OpenBazaar website. The blog is additionally always available as well.

Of course, we'll also continue to keep you updated. 

Report by dinbits
Image by staff

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