Bitquick returns to full action today and several weeks of downtime.

Sellers will have access to create their new listing today! At The orders will go live Immediately! All filled pre-orders greater than 1 BTC will also be given a 0.05 BTC bonus, limit 1 per seller.

BitQuick will return to the same state it was in right before our downtime, with improved security and platform availability. This comes after weeks of code audits and architecture overhauling.
These efforts will lead to an ever faster browsing and friendly experience. 

Bitquick shutdown services after a security breach that ended up in no loss of customer funds but did result in data leaks. They have since been tightening security in an attempt to prevent future attacks.

They are also now a part of Athena Bitcoin according to their website.

Welcome back.

Report by dinbits
Image by staff

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