Shocking to many, especially Hillary Clinton and legions of stunned supporters, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the Unites States of America. Yeah, I just said that.

There's also a TrumpCoin (altcoin) that's on the rise and bitcoin is well over $700. Yeah ... I just said all that too.

Poor Bill ... I don't think anyone would want to be this guy this morning and I would certainly hate to be anywhere near the Clinton camp today. I mean seriously, who the hell conducted all of these polls anyway and where the hell are the media outlets getting their numbers? They really blew this call.

Trump was considered a long shot by far with most polls and major media outlets claiming a Clinton victory before the first ballot had even been cast and well into the voting, as predicted, Clinton took a commanding lead as it appeared the inevitable was coming to fruition. Despite one of the most controversial presidential races in modern time, an email scandal and FBI investigation, and an overwhelmingly unfavorable opinion in the polls, it appeared as if the United States would have its first woman President in history.

... and then ... it didn't happen. Trump won.

The whole thing just flipped around ass-backwards and went the other way ... decisively. Not only did Trump win, it was commanding. The expected electorate vote will likely be with Trump around 300 and Clinton around 238. Trump also dominated the popular vote and the once-upon-a-time-democrat-now-republican candidate somehow managed to win key states like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The latter three being of the most shocking.

To put that into perspective ... Michigan and Pennsylvania have not voted for a Republican in a presidential race in nearly 30 years. The last time being in 1988. Wisconsin hasn't seen a Republican vote in 32 years dating back to the Reagan days in 1984.

Then again, Trump isn't really a Republican ... that party doesn't even like him. At least they didn't and perhaps Senator Cruise still doesn't but I'm sure more than a few of them are warming up to the idea this morning.

Expect Stock to Fall and Bitcoin to Rise

As always with any US election, stocks are going to drop. This is like clock work and expect that today. It might even be more so this go around since we just had one of the most brutal election race ever. I mean if you believe the media and the opposing parties the two worst humans were running for the highest political office in the world and last night one of them won.

On the flip side, it has been theorized that a Trump victory would boost bitcoins price. Thus far it seems to be doing exactly that with bitcoin at $727.67 and hitting as high as $739 overnight. 

It's been thought for some time that a Trump presidency would be overall better for the digital currency and blockchain industry. Trump is expected to promote emerging industries and technology whereas Clinton appears oblivious, not to mention the infamous bitcoin statement made ("bitcoin is too libertarian for her to accept") that contradicted the written support for the industry present on the candidates website. Others say people will flock to bitcoin Brexit style in fear of Trump and a US dollar decline.

Could it be because one of the two worst humans is taking office? That's why the stocks do what they do on this day every four years. It's not the who, its the is. It's change and markets don't like change, regardless of who's taking office.

Meanwhile ... TrumpCoin Exists

To top it all off, in addition to bitcoin price inflation there's a little known altcoin called TrumpCoin and it's on the rise as well. Might want to get in and get out quickly on that one or just steer clear of it all together. It offers nothing new and is just digital currency to be a digital currency named TrumpCoin, but it is entertaining. 

Donald Trump makes history with this election. He will be the first President of the United States without a political or military background. Almost all Presidents in history have a previous elected political background leaving only 5 without previous experience. The 27th US President, William Howard Taft, filled an appointed political position as Governor of a forming US territory (Philippines), however he was not elected into office. Nevertheless, technically it is some sort of political background so if you count him out that leaves only 4. 

Presidents not previously elected Into political office

Year(s) Elected
Zachary Taylor
Military Army General
Ulysses S. Grant
Military Army General
William Howard Taft*
Herbert Hoover
Mining Engineer
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Military 5-Star General
Donald Trump**
Taft was appointed Governor but was not elected into office.
** Current President Elect Donald Trump

Outside of Trump, his family, and hardcore supporters it's apparent that nobody thought Trump would be victorious and it was rather a long shot from the beginning. Headlines across the globe indicate the surprise worldwide. For once we really mean this:


Now, does this equate to good things for bitcoin and the blockchain industry? We don't have that answer but ... at least today it does.

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