With OKCoin limping along while users coins remain locked away for at least a month, Huobi doing the exact same thing, and Bitcurex recently going full Gox, one would like assume we've had our glitches for the year and it's smooth sailing for the year.

Well.. not yet. Coinbase didn't get the memo and they've been plagued with issues this Friday the 10th of February, 2017.

Strike One

3D Secure service went down in the early AM and credit/debit card purchases using 3D Secure transaction are now trapped in 0D space causing a service outage.

They called it a "partial outage" but it sure seams to be complete.

Investigating - The 3D Secure system is currently experiencing an outage and are working to identify and resolve the issue.
Feb 9, 17:13 PST

Strike Two 

Merchant services are down, there have been reports of complete outages of all merchant services including checkout buttons and even email invoices, however, Coinbase says its just a partial outage.

Merchant checkout pages unavailable
Investigating - We are investigating an issue with checkout pages not loading correctly.
Feb 10, 09:25 PST

Strike Three ... Just Go Home 

Maybe its time to pop the top off a cold one and just go home for the week, because next in line was the entire website going down. The whole damn thing.

This time they offered a workaround. Use the iOS or Android app. Well it doesn't help Windows Phone users and believe it or not, Windows 10 phone are gaining some momentum in the Android dominated smart-phone world.

Website is down
Identified - We have identified the issue and are working on bringing our site back up. In the meantime, you can use our iOS and Android mobile apps.
Feb 10, 12:30 PST 

But hey ... at least it's something because if you would prefer to bitch about any of this? Tough. You're gonna be waiting a wile.

Coinbase support states a 72 wait in line for assistance with anything due to the outages. This sure make you wonder if they opened that phishing/Trojan email we mentioned earlier today and it's attacking all of Coinbase's systems. Now that would be funny.

Also unlikely, this is just a Monday for Coinbase disguised as a Friday and it doesn't look like anyone at the Coinbase camp is going home early.

Everything seems to be working with the website again, but this is the 35th issue in the last 30 days.

Like I said ... I don't think anyone at Coinbase is going home early today. Rest assured however, there's a solid team over there and things will return soon. At least that's what they say.

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