Be aware that there's a Coinbase phishing (or trojan virus) email spreading around. Actually 
there's several but this one is not one we've seen previously.

The email asks you to download your wallet and it looks legit enough. Upon clicking the damn thing however, you can rest assured that any information you enter to access it will be stolen upon [ENTER] and/or a bunch of unfavorable crap in the way of malicious code is going to flood your operating system.

This may even be ransomware spread, however, at press time we had not completed its dissection. We'll update this once we do.

Be Suspicious 

This one is easy to spot, if you hover over the link, it's an obvious link to somewhere OTHER than Coinbase for one. Secondly the email is from [email protected] ... which isn't even a registered domain.

That one is a bit perplexing. I mean you've got be a real special idiot to go through all of the trouble to spoof an email only to type in the wrong damn domain.

Finally. Coinbase isn't ever going to ask you to download your wallet. Of course never say never, but assuming it's even technically possible with their getup, why on earth would they do that? Think about it, an online wallet service provider asking you to download your wallet somewhere not online?

Strategically disguised as a "backup" this button should definitely not be pushed since the only backup that's going to be in use shortly thereafter is the one to restore you computer it's ultimate demise after a nasty virus infection.

Keep your eyes open for this one and be sure to report it.

Report by dinbits
Image by staff

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