Bitcoin Plus, an altcoin trading on various exchanges, went from virtually worthless to over $50 in the last 24 hours surpassing every other digital asset including Monero, Ether, and even ZCash.

Only Dash remains slightly higher down 20 from just a few days ago to around $70. 

The question on everyone's mind? What the hell is Bitcoin Plus?

Silent But Valuable (at the moment)

If you haven't heard of Bitcoin Plus (XPC) then you are not alone and its fairly new to the scene. It's beginnings started as an ICO on Poloniex in 2014, where it hit above $64 USD yesterday (currently sitting at $54).

Bitcoin Plus began in 2014 but was all but abandoned until 2015 when it was revived and has been for the most part silent until this past week. 

"The technical specifications for Bitcoin Plus have changed over the last year. Origianlly XBC was purely a Proof of Stake Coin. Essentially anyone who has an open wallet is performing mathematical calculations in the background and securing the network. If you have XBC coins in your wallet, over the course of one year you can expect those coins to increase by 20%. 
XBC is still primarily a Proof of Stake Coin however a recent update added the ability to secure the network using Proof of Work. This means that if the network ever has an issue we can move things along manually by switching on Proof Of Work for a short period. Bitcoin Plus is now what is known as a Hybrid POS/ POW. " - Bitcoin Plus Team

Sounds like a hybrid coin.

Why the price jump? 

Some speculation is that the BitcoinDark  folks are behind the coin, at least in part, but then again that doesn't explain why BitcoinDarks price sucks. 

The more interesting thing is that while bitcoin rose back above $1000, others took the hit such as Ether, Dash, Monero, etc.. but Bitcoin Plus continued to rise.

With the new rise in value, maybe the Bitcoin Plus team can finally invest in a decent logo ... one can always hope. 

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