Michael Kaydar, a 19-year-old suspect in a slew of bomb threats using Google Voice and bitcoin was arrested by Israel’s anti-fraud squad at his home in southern Israel.

The man is also is accused of threats made in Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well as to the Israel Police (is that not the bone-head move of the century? oh wait, that prize goes to the Coin.MX folks).

To hide identity and cover his tracks, Kaydar used common technologies used by most on the internet to protect their privacy including SpoofCard, Google Voice, and bitcoin. Police subpoenaed SpoofCard allowing them to trace the call’s real number that was a Google Voice number. 

SpoofCard accepts bitcoin payments, and the method in which Kaydar paid to cover his financial tracks and used VPN proxies to mask his IP address. 

In addition, Kaydar masked his voice in the calls to sound like a woman.

Police didn't have to start digging through the blockchain however, because Kaydar managed to shoot himself in the ass forgetting to route through a proxy server which allowed police to trace his IP address all the way to his house. 

This is one of those cases where two words pretty much sums this entire pile of poor decision making and the execution thereof ... operator error.

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