There's a new version of ZCash available.

Release Match 28th, 2017, ZCash 1.0.8 focuses on backporting features from upstream Bitcoin and usability improvements to the RPC interface.

Summary of the changes in the release:

  1. The z_importkey RPC call now lets the user specify the number of blocks to rescan when importing keys (#2052).
  2. The getblock RPC call now returns an anchor field (the anchor is the Merkle tree root of the note commitment tree) (#2168) and also lets the user specify a block by height, as well as block hash (#2187).
  3. Backported a libevent-based HTTP server to improve JSON-RPC handling (#2176).
  4. Backported Tor ephemeral hidden service support, making it easier for users to run Zcash over Tor (#2177).
  5. Backported improvements to the getmempoolinfo RPC call (#2175).
  6. Cleaned up the source tree by removing 181,000 lines of redundant QT code (#1636).
  7. Introduced the Rust language to the Zcash build system (#2183), in preparation for writing parts of future Zcash versions in Rust.
  8. Updated the metrics screen (#2198) and minor UI tweak (#2203).
  9. Updated documentation (#2157, #2161, #2184).

Also just to note, ZCash has been rising in value, trading between $50 and $70 over the last couple weeks. Currently around the $60 mark.

Get on it!

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