In a blog-post, Purse went all out, including a video explanation, revealing their latest and greatest marketing move. Their customers also recieved the news via an email blast that Purse is re-branding as FannyPack.

Are you f@#$k^ng kidding me? In statement they said:

With community relations in a flux and tensions at an all time high during the ongoing scaling debate, we need a beacon of hope. That’s why we’re taking this sensitive time in bitcoin’s history to position ourselves accordingly. No longer will critics be able to poke fun at our brand, joking that Purse is not “masculine” sounding enough. We laugh at you, internet trolls, for we’ve entered a new age of millennial innovation and acceptance. We believe in gender neutrality, standing strong, together — attached figuratively at the hip.

Well guess what, yeah they were kidding everyone. April fools. 

This industry is not without it's humor and April fools is one of its more favored holidays that goes pretty much ignored by most other industries.

Let's face the facts. Simply put, you absolutely have to have a bit of a sense of humor to survive this industry. It's medication for the one industry in which you know at all stages of your entry or exit process or plan that there's one thing you should be doing.

Quitting while you're ahead.

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