There's a misrepresented application in the Google Play store pretending to be a Paxful App for Android devices. This is not an App from Paxful.

It looks real and official enough chock full of good marks (positive feedback) and boasting 100-500 installations. Until you take a closer look.

If you look at the incorporated name in the Play store, you'll see the offering company is listed as, Inc., however Paxful is a Delaware corporation and incorporated as Paxful, Inc. which is also on their federal registration with FinCEN.

Secondly, if you look at the email for support, the url associated is rather than, which is another dead give-away.

Of course when you check out guess what you find? Not a damn thing, not even a parked landing page, it doesn't exist at all.

Among the 25 glorious reviews, a couple SCAM accusations have begun to emerge...

... all together now: SHOCKER THERE!

We also spoke with Artur Schaback, CTO at Paxful who confirmed the app was indeed not anything affiliated with Paxful.

The Verdict

The application claims to be a "vendor" tool where people selling bitcoin on the Paxful platform can use tools for aide in the process, however, the only aide you are likely to find with PaxVendor is the aide in losing your bitcoin as it's siphoned out of your account after getting your credentials phished.

That said, we cannot say this application is going to do that or that it's 100% malicious. We don't know, they may be legit, but we doubt it.

What we do know is that someone spent allot of time to make the app look like an official offering from Paxful and it's not. That usually leads to bad stuff happening if history is a teacher.

Avoid PaxVendor and just stick with the Paxful website, it's a responsive website that works fine on mobile devices so there's no need for an app in the first place.

You can locate the app at the following link, but first we interrupt this article for a disclaimer insisted upon by our legal team.

WARNING - the following link may be dangerous and result in loss of bitcoin if you install it: 

PaxVendor App (Caution - See disclaimer above)

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