Bitcoin is dead. Bitcoin is a bubble. Bitcoin is bad. Bitcoin is a fad. Bitcoin has no value. Bitcoin isn't used. Bitcoin is a terrible investment. Bitcoin won't last. Bitcoin's a fraud.

These are just a few of the many and ongoing biased, negative, and often uneducated statements made about the digital currency mostly by those who either don't understand it, didn't invest in it, or stand something to gain if they ever live in a world without it, ever again.

I just have this one simple thing to say:

1 bitcoin is worth $7000 USD.

That's it. It now appears as if bitcoin will hit $10,000 within the next year. However, it could just as easily drop. Investors should definitely be wary of a possible correction as there is likely to be some profit taking after the current rally which has lifted bitcoin's market cap to over 116 billion.

This shatters another all-time record hitting a record high of $7034 earlier today. I guess if bitcoin was a bubble at $3000 and pops at $7000 going back down to $4000, even those investing in the bubble will still make money.

I wonder how Mike Hearn feels about selling all of that bitcoin right about now?

Just for fun, one more time:

1 bitcoin is worth $7000 USD

Get on it!

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