Bitcoin hit a new All-Time high of over $17,985 in the last 12 hour session. This coming after hitting and standing over $17,000.

The interest in bitcoin and all virtual currencies continues to grow with even stories of people mortgaging their homes to buy bitcoin.

Invest Responsibly

We cannot stress enough that people should invest responsibly. Mortgaging your home to buy bitcoin likely isn't the brightest idea ever thought up but if it's a calculate risk that makes sense it could certainly work if you're going long. If you're trying to make a million by the end of the week, likely not smart.

People keep saying things like "damn if I just would have bought bitcoin a few years ago" or even 3 month ago.

Look folks the people cashing in big returns now have been hold for a year, two years, 4 years, and some even 8 years so it's not like they are getting rich overnight. They invested in a viable vehicle that over time has become lucrative.

Bitcoin will likely continue to rise to 100,000 USD and well beyond so there's no reason to freak out and start auctioning off your first born to buy some. Invest what you can when you can and prepare for a nice long wait while your investment matures.

The good news it that it's never too late with bitcoin, there's always room for more people investing.

Don't Just Invest, Use Bitcoin

One huge difference between bitcoin and other investments that economist continue to ignore is that bitcoin can be used to make purchase or even fund a Visa card to make purchases. You don't have to sit on it. Ask your employer to pay you in bitcoin. Overstock and allot of other companies do this currently including dinbits, Inc. who owns this media platform. 

That's the entire purpose of bitcoin in the first place. It's a "new kind of money".

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