Here it is. The 2016 recap of the top stories on The ratings were gauged by unique reader (not impressions per article) and ratings are highlighted per the key and each month has a staff picked article which may or may not have been the most popular or read story, but otherwise made an impact in some way and we noticed it. 

Some Notable Headline Topics 2016

Recap of 2016 and Top Stories by Month

1st place 
2nd place
Staff pick 
bitcoin price ($#.##)

January ($400) - Month of the Rage Quit

February ($450) - Month of the Rising

March ($450) - Month of the Bandwagon

Disney and Rootstock both entered the blockchain space,

April ($430) - Month of the Down 

May - ($500) Month of the Launch

June  ($700) - Month of the Return

Bitoin returned to $700,

July ($650) - Month of the Half 

The halvening loomed; while the,  
Miners attacked ETH1 spawning ETC,

August  ($650) - Month of the Bitfinex Hack

September ($630) - Month of Re-branding

October ($660) - Month of the Idiots

November ($700) Month of the Trump

December ($975) - Month of Coin 

Bitcoin has hit as high as $977 since the last pricing article was posted but it looks like it'll be 2017 and not 2016 when bitcoin hits $1000 again.

We'll see you there.

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